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A fun and supportive community for calisthenics.

We are a brand new exciting Calisthenics facility located in Cranbourne West, Victoria. We offer a variety of classes that are focused around strength, flexibility and mobility with bodyweight training.

Our mission is to bring calisthenics enthusiasts together as a close community and create an exciting facility for everyone to enjoy calisthenics.

Unlike the stagnant movement of lifting weights or the gruelling intensity of cardio machines, calisthenics enthusiasts will focus on all ranges of motion. Using gravity and angles to increase the difficulty of exercises mitigates the issue of plateauing. With that said, it is all about creativity!

Whether you are new to working out or looking to switch up your exercise routine, our friendly coaches are here to help you achieve your fitness goals in a safe and fun way. All movements can be scaled to suit all levels.

Strength Training Cranbourne West

Build Strength

Using simple equipment like rings, bars and the floor we teach you to leverage your own bodyweight to perform movements.

Strength Training Cranbourne West

Improve Mobility

Our Mobility class is designed to unlock your full range of motion and build strength at your end range to help you move without pain or restriction.

Gymnastics Classes Cranbourne West

Improve Cardio Endurance

Ever heard of Metafit? A true HIIT workout that is super-efficient and it is designed to set your metabolism on fire.

Gymnastics Cranbourne West

Learn New Skills

Bodyweight-based training that aims to develop the ultimate combination of strength, control and some pretty impressive skills

Rings Classes Cranbourne West

Build strength & lean muscle mass

This is a class that combines strength and cardio conditioning, as well as both anaerobic and aerobic exercises.

Intro Offer

Trial Pass / $25 for 7 days / Unlimited Classes

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